As a small volunteer run show we struggle with finances from year to year and for the last few years have made a loss. We are improving and have made less of a loss this year but as a small organisation every little counts and this year a couple of hundred more would make an amazing difference to us.  We depend upon our trade stands, entry money and subscriptions to fund the show and receive no other funding or have any other form of income. It is because of this I would highly encourage you to pay show subscriptions!!!

What are show subscriptions?

Subscriptions are a form of sponsorship paid to the show. If they are over the entry fee they will cover your entry, however they they are not here simply to allow free entry but to allow the show to continue. Due to this I would encourage you to subscribe more than the no. of gate entries you wish to cover. This extra money is essential to the show as we could not survive on our entry fees alone.

If you would like to know more about our show finances please come along to our show meetings or email the secretary on